Monday, October 27, 2008

1st Grade


Paper Weaving with Warm and Cool Colors

Penguins are one of our favorite winter animals and we wanted to create some art about them. First we created light, cool colors of paint by mixing white paint into the purple and blue. We also added some pearl and glitter mediums. After our paint was dry, we cut out penguin bodies, head, flippers, eyes, beak and feet from construction paper and glued them to our backgrounds.


City Painting

We learned about the artist Jasper Johns. He likes to create art using images that are familiar to us from everyday life, such as the American flag. He wants to help us look more closely at these images and think about them in a new way. We decided to alter and rearrange the American flag in our paintings. 

We learned about the artist Jackson Pollock who pours, drips and splatters paints. We created these with watercolor paints. We used straws to help push the paint around on our papers.

Create a Jackson Pollock painting here. Move your mouse to paint, click your mouse to change the color of the paint.


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