Monday, October 27, 2008

6th Grade

Clay Animal Faces


Woven Reed Baskets

Color Scheme Paintings with Traced Objects

Sixth graders are now learning about Greek art. They will be creating mosaics using magazine pieces. Their mosaics will depict heros they have invented, while inspired by traditional Greek heros, such as Hercules.

We learned to do a new kind of drawing called Blind Contour Line Drawing. In order to do it, one must draw with one continuous line (never pick up his/her pencil) and look at the thing/person he/she is drawing, not at the paper. It is very difficult at first, but this process is proven to improve one's drawing ability. We created portraits of our classmates and then colored each shape with oil pastels and then painted over them with watercolors to create more subdued, layered colors.


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